CNC Machining Cost Calculation: Factors and Tips You Must Know

The widespread adoption of CNC machining can be attributed to its cost-effective production capabilities, amongst other things. Plus, it also helps that a single CNC or milling machine possesses a high degree of versatility that […]

DMG MORI’s Excellence Factory: the digital revolution in production

We can breathe the air of revolution at DMG MORI. The German Japanese machine tool giant, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cnc lathes, milling machines and other industrial machinery, takes a further step […]

Siemens Sinumerik One, the innovative CNC for machine tools

Good morning, in a previous article on our blog we described the functionality and importance of computer numerical control in the modern mechanical industry. Today we introduce the latest arrival from Siemens, a revolutionary CNC. […]

Used Okuma Macturn CNC multitasking lathe [sold]

Makinate | Used OKUMA MACTURN 30W CNC multitasking lathe

Here we are again with an article about a machine of the month. Today we want to illustrate you a beautiful used Okuma Macturn 30W CNC multitasking lathe. It’s located in the Netherlands and has been manufactured […]