About Us

Makinews is the official blog of Makinate, the industrial marketplace for buying and selling used machines.

Everyday we list on our catalogue the best used machines offers from all around Europe. Only the best quality used machines coming only from selected and trustworthy sellers.

We own some of the machines listed on our catalogue and in fact those are sold directly by us.

Makinate buys your used machines. Take the opportunity to submit your used machines to us.

We buy excellent used machines and we pay our clients 100% in advance before loading the machine.

You can submit us your used machine to us by email at “info@makinate.com”. Do not forget to complete the mail with pictures of the machine, a short description and your best price.

If you prefer you can publish it for free to our catalogue and we will contact you back as soon as possible.


Makinate provides you always the best solution at the best price.

We keep constantly updated our catalogue with the best used machines available at the moment.

Our Staff knows the machines and above our staff knows the people behind them.


Makinate provides its services in the following 4 sectors:


People with many years of experience earned on the field.

Technically skilled and able to understand your needs. We are ready to guide you throughout the process of buying your next used machine. Also we efficiently help you when you wish to sell your own used machine. Sometimes this process can be complex, especially when selling or buying machinery abroad. In both cases our staff will help you to make it easier and safer.

Please visit the page dedicated to our Team to know us better.


Reading through the pages of this blog you will be informed and always updated on latest news coming from the industrial world. In the category ” Industrial Zoom”  we will insert articles about: technical and scientific upgrades, scientific discoveries, coming trade fairs and exibithions and latest news from our group. Last but not least, reading this blog, you will have a deeper look on a finest week selection of the best machines and the best offers listed on our catalogue. Inside our blog pages there will be also a dedicated category “How it works“. The articles of this category illustrates you the fundamentals of the functioning of the industrial machines.

For a better understanding of the architecture and catogories of our blog, please read this article: “welcome on makinews“.

If you want to find out more about us, our work and used machinery feel free to visit our website Makinate.com