Useful tips to buy a used industrial machine

In one of our last articles on our blog Makinews, we introduced you Makinate, our company dedicated to the trade of used quality industrial machines. In this article, we want to give you some advice for buying a used machine.

1. Why you should buy a used machine

First of all, if you look at the used market rather than at the new one, you will notice immediately a difference of prices – in fact used machines, as you can imagine, are less expensive than new machines, but this doesn’t mean that the quality is inferior!

The second advantage choosing the used market is that you can inspect the machine before to purchase it. Most of the time you can see them under power, but often these machines are still in production, in this case you have the opportunity to see the machine working (for example producing a piece,…).

Last but not least, buying a used machine can be considered as the best choice that can do a small business or a start up. As already mentioned, a new machine is expensive compared to a used machine. The purchase of a used machine has as final advantage the optimization of the initial costs of start the activity. That’s why it is important to understand well what are the main goals.

2. What are the goals of your company?

It is crucial for the company who is ready to buy a used machine to understand well what are the goals of your company, to think about the product you want to manufacture and in which quantity.

If your goal is to assume a new risk, that can be the beginning of a new production or the increase of an existing production, , in some cases, you may decide to purchase a machine above the current requirements of your business.

So, as mentioned in point 1, the purchase of a used machine in perfect conditions at a good price is an advantage for a small business but also for a growing company, because of the optimization of the initial costs.

3. Should you rely on a company specialized in trading used machines?

For us, the answer is obviously YES!

First, having someone that helps you to choose the right equipment is a great time saving.

You can always count on someone who will provide you all his experience and technical knowledge of the machinery.

The goal of a company specialized in buying and selling used machines, such as Makinate, is to help you to understand and identify which is the right machine for you. You will receive offers for machines adapted to your needs at a competitive price. The next step is to go to inspect the machine under power, and we will be glad to come with you. There you will see the machine, you will have sometimes the opportunity to speak directly with the client who is working with the machine, and we will discuss together about the final price. Regarding the transport, Makinate will give you his support if necessary thanks to the many contacts we have.

4. It’s time to start buying!

Now you are ready! If you are interested in buying a used machine, please feel free to consult our online catalogue. You will find a selection of used machine toolsused sheet metal machines, used plastic machines and used packaging machines.

One thought on “Useful tips to buy a used industrial machine”

  1. I like that you said that used machinery is less inexpensive than new ones, and by buying one, you would be able to optimize your small business’s initial cost. My husband plans to open his own welding service soon, so he plans to buy a sheet metal machine. If he doesn’t get approved for a loan, I’ll suggest he just buys a used one instead of a new one. Thanks!

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