Years ’90 – Genesis

David Rota is involved in the family business, a small precision mechanical workshop, as a specialist machine tool operator. During these years he has specialized and developed a healthy passion for turning and milling operations. He is immediately attracted by the machines with which he works and is fascinated by the important technological evolution taking place in those years.

Years 2000 – The first steps

It is in these years that makes the Makinate project form.  These are the years in which digital technology and the internet are becoming more and more established in people’s daily lives. David Rota is far-sighted and immediately understood the enormous potential of the Internet as the ideal platform for the marketing of used machine tools. He decides to leave the family business and to found his own company Industrialbay dedicated to the marketing of used machine tools in Italy. From here on Industrialbay establishes itself as a leading company in Italy in the marketing of used machine tools through the web.

Year 2012 – The beginning of a new era

David Rota with 12 years of experience in the used machine tools trade meets his future partner and co-founder of Makinate Diego Sforza.

Diego Sforza has an important experience abroad in the international trade of both new and used industrial machines and equipment and he is also very sensitive to digital issues and trade through the web.

From the very beginning a fruitful collaboration is established between the two of them. Diego and David immediately saw the possibility of adopting Industrialbay’s business model, which until then was bound only to the Italian domestic market, and exporting it all over the world. It is from this moment that the Makinate project finally comes to life.

Year 2016 – Expansion

Makinate, with a view to further expansion and a greater international vocation, establishes its registered office and operational offices in Koper, Slovenia, 10 minutes from Trieste and 5 minutes from the Italian border. The company’s sectors of activity also open the doors to the purchase and sale of used machinery for sheet metal forming and used machines for plastic processing. The new portal dedicated to the purchase and sale of used industrial machinery is launched: www.makinate.com.

Year 2017 – Consolidation

Nowadays, Makinate is in continuous development. In February of this year it exchanges its corporate name in Limited Liability Company (Srl).

Year 2018 – New challenges

Makinate launches a new sector, and begins its experience in the world of buying and selling used packaging machines.

The rest is the story of these days …