Years ’90 – Genesis

David Rota is busy in the family business, a small precision mechanical workshop, as a specialized machine tools operator. In these years he  went into turning and milling. Immediately, he is attracted by machines with whom he works and he is fascinated by the important technological evolution that took place in those years.

Years 2000 – The first steps

In these years Makinate project was born. During this decade, digital and internet technology becoming popular in people’s daily lives. David Rota was farsighted and he  immediately understood the enormous potential of the internet network as the ideal platform for the marketing of used  machine tools. David decided to leave the family business. He established its own Industrialbay company dedicated to the marketing of machine tools used in Italy. From there on out, Industrialbay become one of the Italian companies leader in the commercialization of used machine tools on the net.

Year 2012 – The beginning of a new era

David Rota with 12-year experience in the field of the marketing of used tool machinery met his future associate and co-founder of Makinate: Diego Sforza.

Diego Sforza had an important foreign experience in international trade in both new and used industrial plants. He was also very sensitive to digital issues and business through the web.

From the start, David and Diego established  a successful collaboration. They saw the possibility of adopting the business model of Industrialbay. The Italian national market only is the destination of the initial business model. After the begin of this collaboration, they decided to expand the business to the export  all over the world. Ffrom that moment that the Makinate project finally took over.

Year 2016 – Expansion

With a view to further expansion and a greater international vocation, Makinate established its legal headquarters and its operating offices in Koper, Slovenia. 10 minutes from Trieste and 5 minutes from the border with Italy. In addiction, the company’s business also opened doors to the sale of machinery used for sheet metal deformation and machines used for plastic processing. The new portal dedicated to the purchase of used industrial machinery www.makinate.com went online

Year 2017 – Consolidation

Nowadays, Makinate is in continuous development. In February of this year it exchanges its corporate name in Limited Liability Company (Srl).

The rest is the story of these days …