Sejong Vantix F125 new capsule filling machine: a very good opportunity to seize immediately! [sold]

Hello, we are back in our “Machines of the month” section to present you a great opportunity in the world of packaging. Today we would like to tell you about a Sejong Vantix F125 capsule filling machine. The particularity of this machine is that it is a new machine, the customer made a mistake ordering it.

We still have the wooden crate for transport, and the machine is immediately available, which is a big advantage for a new machine. But let’s discover this machine together without wasting time!

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Sejong Pharmatech, a Korean quality reference in the pharmaceutical world

The Korean company Sejong offers high-speed, fully automatic capsule filling machines with advanced technology at a reasonable price. The advantages of these machines are that they are very easy to use thanks to a “user friendly” touch screen, low maintenance costs and they guarantee excellent dosing accuracy.

Sejong offers three models of capsule fillers (Vantix F50, Vantix F125 and Vantix F180), each with different production speeds, respectively 50,400 capsules/hour, 126,000 capsules/hour and 184,800 capsules/hour. Sejong capsule fillers are suitable for both powder and pellets, and range from size #00 to size #5.

All materials in contact with the product are of course made of stainless steel, and the changeover is quick, estimated to take about 40 minutes.

Technical description of the Sejong Vantix F125

Now let’s take a look at the technical details of this machine. It is composed as follows:

  • Capsule opening station
  • Capsule transfer tray
  • Powder feeding station
  • Tamping station with scraper
  • Rejection station for faulty capsules
  • Capsule closing station
  • Vacuum pump capsule evacuation station
  • Touch screen

The machine is sold with the following formats:

  1. Powder format #4 with 1 dosing disc of 9.4 mm and # 0 1 dosing disc of 15.8 mm
  2. Powder format #2 without dosing disc
  3. Pellet format #0 with 10 mm dosing plate, #2 with 10 mm dosing plate and #4 with 5 mm dosing plate.

As indicated above the capacity of this model is 126.000 capsules/hour. Compressed air: 6 kg/cm2 – 600l/min noise level: less than 80db motor power: 2 kw. Electricity: 200 a 480v – 50/60 hz – 3 phase.

Other equipment included with the machine:

  • Capsule polisher with sorter
  • Hoover sus 304 3hp.

If necessary, we can provide you with one or more additional formats (1-month lead time).

You now know everything about this machine. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you. You are also welcome to come and see this machine (if the situation allows it), it is located in France. Please contact us to receive a quotation for this machine.

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