Used Uhlmann UPS 1060 + C300 complete blister line for sale

Good morning to all our customers in the world of packaging. Whether you are a small pharmaceutical laboratory, a large multinational pharmaceutical company, a CDMO, a manufacturer of nutraceuticals or a cosmetics company, we are sure that the line we are about to present to you will arouse your interest. Today we are presenting a blister line from the famous German brand Uhlmann.

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What is a blister line?

Before presenting this line to you, we would like to define what is meant by “blister line”. We find blister lines in various business sectors, but the main sectors are pharmaceutical and nutraceutical. Of course, cosmetics companies can also use blister lines, but often the capsules used in this sector are packed in bottles or jars rather than in blisters.

The blister line is a set of interconnected machines to automate the production of blister packed products. The blister line is modular and is composed according to the customer’s needs. Here is an example of how it could be composed:

1.            Blister machine for packing tablets or capsules in blisters

2.            Horizontal cartoning machine to put the blisters together with the leaflet (if required) into the carton.

3.            Checkweigher to check that the weight of the carton is correct. If it is not, it will be rejected as non-compliant.

4.            Labelling machine to apply a stamp or label on the carton.

5.            Bundling machine to group a number of cartons and pack them together OR case packer to insert the cartons into a bigger carton.

This could be the configuration of a standard blister line, but of course the possibilities of composition are numerous and depend on the customer’s needs. A number of sensors and controls can be added to each machine to reject non-compliant product at each step.

Technical details of the Uhlmann UPS 1060 + C300 line

We now turn to the machine we have for sale. It is a 1994 line, in very good condition, which is still in production and will be available from May 2021. We can therefore arrange a visit to see the line in production by this date.

The line is composed as follows:

  • Blistering machine UHLMANN UPS 10 60, year 1994
  • Cartoning machine UHLMANN C 300, year 1994
  • PENTEC HR600 Checkweigher, year 2015
  • BOPACK P150 labeling machine, year 2007
  • Shrinkwrapper SOLLAS 18, year 1994
  • RBP D 3600 Deblister equipment, year 1998

The line currently works with PVC / Alu blisters and will be sold with a format. The blister machine model, UPS 1060, is a high-speed model. It can reach a speed of 300 blisters/min.

If you are interested in this machine, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the button below or by calling our agent responsible for the packaging sector Mrs Héloïse Verona directly on the following number: 00386 30 342 560 or 0039 02 80 888 015.

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