Plate rolling machines: definition and types

Today we talk about one of the machines for sheet metal processing that are always highly requested on our website In addition, the machine in question is one of the flagships of Italian manufacture and mechanics, today we talk about the plate rolling machine. A machine that we find represented in the world market by major Italian brands such as DAVI, FACCIN, SERTOM and MG. The Italian brands plate rollers are universally recognised as the best even when buying an used machine. Makinate has a wide availability of plate rolling machines ready for delivery.

First of all let’s start by defining what the plate rolling processing is. In order to better understand this process we invite you to read our previous article published on our blog “What is the porcessing of sheet metal?

Plate rolling processing

Plate rolling is a deformation process that allows the desired curvature to be given to the sheet metal. It is the typical technique for the construction of medium-large diameter tanks and pipes.

The plate rolling machine

The plate rolling processing is carried out by means of machines called plate rollers, which are substantially composed of three parallel rollers, arranged according to the vertices of an isosceles triangle. The sheet metal, passing between the lower and upper rollers, undergoes a curvature, the so-called radius, the radius of curvature depends on the mutual position of the three rollers: in order to have wide radius the rollers must be moved away while, on the contrary, they must be approached to result in bends with small radius.

The dragging of the sheet is caused by the rotation of the motorised upper roller, the two lower rollers instead rotate freely and have only the task of supporting the sheet.

A normal plate rolling process requires different passages in which the motion of translation and the approach and removal of the rollers are duly regulated.

Today also the world of plate rolling machines has undergone a huge evolution from the technological point of view. More and more often these machines are conveniently equipped with a computer board for the complete automation of processing, as well as the traditional three-rolls plate rolling machine has an upgraded version even more versatile equipped with 4-rolls plate vending rolling machines.

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