Packaging Oscar 2022, competing categories and how to participate

The deadline to apply for the “Best Packaging 2022”, the so-called Packaging Oscar organised every year by Packaging Meeting Srl and promoted by the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio, in partnership with Conai and Ipack-Ima 2022, is approaching. Companies wishing to take part and try to win one of the prizes offered by the organisers have time until 28 January 2022 to submit the application. In order to participate, as always, the packaging solutions or prototypes nominated for the Oscar must already be on the market or in the process of being industrialised during 2021.

And, to keep up with the market trends of recent years, the 2022 edition of the award for the best packaging solution is focusing on the circular economy and technological innovations in packaging performance. As stated in the regulations drawn up in collaboration with Conai (the National Packaging Consortium, just to remind you), the award includes two parallel and distinct competition strands:

  • innovation linked to improving the environmental impact of packaging;
  • innovation linked to new technological solutions for packaging performance.

In addition, a special prize will be awarded to the company that has demonstrated that it is inspired by the 10 values of the Ethical Packaging Charter defined by the “Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation”. Again, as the name suggests, this is an award given to the solution (or solutions) that meet precise standards of eco-sustainability, transparency, safety and accessibility.

Packaging Oscars: the categories

The regulation defines the “guiding principles” that the jury must take into account when awarding the two main prizes. Candidates in the first category (the one that focuses on the eco-sustainability of packaging) will have to refer to the eco-design levers indicated by Conai: packaging will thus have to be designed to favour the reuse of the same or of the material; facilitate recycling activities; be made with materials coming from recovery or recycling; guarantee the optimisation of production and logistics processes and simplify the packaging system. In short, packaging ‘tailored’ to the circular economy.

The candidates in the second strand (those linked to new technological solutions for packaging performance), on the other hand, will have to pay particular attention to four points:

  • Innovation character. Innovative character of the solution presented from a technical and engineering point of view.
  • Attention to sustainability. The eco-sustainability of the solution presented: reduction in consumption, materials used, space requirements.
  • Digital character. Degree of interconnectivity, IoT, predictive maintenance and digital quality of the solution presented.
  • Attention to usability, efficiency and user-friendliness. User-friendly quality for the operator, ergonomics of use of the solution presented.

It is therefore essential that the packaging and packaging machines used in the process present 360° innovative features: not only must they pay attention to the eco-sustainability of the solution, but it will be essential that the machines guarantee a high level of interconnectivity and digitalisation.

In both cases, the awards will be given taking into account both the materials used and the different types of packaging nominated (primary, secondary or tertiary). Particular attention will also be paid to the most dynamic outlet sectors and current consumption phenomena.

Packaging design

Packaging Oscar, how to apply

To take part in the award, you must send the duly completed entry form (attached to the regulations), the documentation and material required in article 9 of the regulations and a copy of the payment of the entry fee (€350 per candidate solution) to Packaging Meeting Srl – Via Cosimo del Fante, 10 – 20122 Milan. If you are chosen as a finalist, you will have to make a further payment – the methods specified in the Packaging Oscar regulations – to pay some organisational expenses.

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