Used Uhlmann UPS 1020 blister line with C 2205 continuous cartoning machine in very good condition

Good morning and welcome back on our “Machines of the month” section, i.e. on the category of the good deals not to miss! Today we would like to talk about a complete packaging line, a used Uhlmann UPS 1020 blister line with Uhlmann C 2205 cartoning machine. Already one month ago we presented you a similar line, a Uhlmann UPS3 packing line for ampoules in blister trays.

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We have already presented the German manufacturer Uhlmann in a previous article. Uhlmann is known worldwide for its quality packaging machines. We invite you to have a look at all our used Uhlmann machines currently available in our catalogue.

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This ampoule packaging line is composed as follow:

  • labelling machine Bausch & Stroebel ESA 1025 Year 2002 Speed 400 labels/h
  • blister machine Uhlmann UPS 1020 Year 1996, output: 300 blisters/min
  • ampoule filling in trays system
  • continuous cartoning machine Uhlmann C 2205, Year 2006, output: 250 cartons/min, type of closure: tuck-in and hotmelt
  • GUK leaflet RS 42-2
  • booklet insertion unit
  • Pago System 580 top labeller and temper evident Year 2006
  • wrapping machine Pester
  • case Packer and palletizer Pester EVP 2 Compact Year 2002

The line is in excellent condition and was in production until recently. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive more details about this line, to receive a quote for the complete line or some single machines, to arrange a visit and appreciate for yourself the quality and condition of these machines.

If you are reading this article because you have a similar line that you no longer use and that you intend to sell, please contact us immediately, send us an e-mail to the following address: .

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