Good deal: DMG DMF 260 travelling column machining centre [sold]

Good morning machine tools lovers, today we want to introduce you an exceptional machine just arrived on our online catalog of used machine tools on

We are talking about a used DMG DMF 260 travelling column machining centre manufacturing year 2012.

Machine sold!

Used travelling column machining centers

What are travelling column machining centres?

Travelling column machining centres are machine tools for chip removal and are ideal for machining from medium to large work pieces. The peculiarity of these machines compared to other traditional machining centres is that the work area is characterised by a fixed table and a column on which the milling spindle is located that moves along the three axes x, y and z. This technical solution makes it possible to speed up the machining of heavy work pieces as the table does not have the dual function of support and positioning that it has in traditional machining centres. The table in machining centres with movable upright has only the function of supporting the work piece, thus allowing the possibility of positioning large mechanical parts on it without losing speed in carrying out the required machining.

Technical characteristics of the used DMG DMF 260

manufacturing year 2012

CNC Heidenhain 530

Tool holder: HSK 100

axis strokes 2600 X 1100 X 900 mm

high pressure through the spindle

ATC with 60 tool stations

chip conveyor

laser tool probe

tilting head

rotary table

The machine is still visible and connected under power at our customer’s workshop in Italy. If you are interested in receiving a quote or in organizing a visit to personally inspect the machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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