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Good morning, today we are going to tell you about a good offer in the world of packaging. It is a horizontal cartoner of the Italian brand CAM, model PMM, year 1997 for blisters. This machine can be sold as it is or completely overhauled, with the electrics rebuilt and adapted to the customer’s formats. Discover with us the technical details of this machine and contact us to receive more details or an offer.

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Difference between horizontal and vertical cartoning machines

Cartoners are used in many different industries such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, food, chemicals and many others and for different types of products. The choice of whether to buy a horizontal or vertical cartoning machine depends on many factors.

A vertical cartoning machine is generally chosen when the machine works “stand alone”, i.e. when the machine is not placed in line with other upstream or downstream machines. Product insertion is usually done manually. After the carton has been formed by the machine, the operator manually introduces the product into the carton. In the pharmaceutical sector there is often an automatic unit for inserting the leaflet, which is done before the operator inserts the product. The carton is then automatically closed in the closing station. The operator also checks that there are always enough cartons and/or leaflets in the respective magazines. Vertical cartoning is sometimes preferred for products that are difficult to handle automatically, perhaps those products that are difficult to insert into the carton.

The horizontal cartoning machine fits into a complete production and packaging line and has a higher speed than the vertical cartoner because it works fully automatically. In the pharmaceutical sector, for example, it can be set up to automatically insert different types of products, such as blisters, vials, bottles, syringes or other medical devices. The main role of the operator on this type of machine is to check that the magazines are always replenished to avoid machine’s stop (blister magazine, leaflet magazine, carton magazine, etc.).

Technical details of the CAM PMM

The CAM PMM we are presenting today is a horizontal cartoner with an automatic blister insertion magazine. It can run at speeds of up to 100 cartons/min. The minimum and maximum dimensions of the cartons that can be processed on this machine are as follows:

  • min. length (c)50 mm – max. length 200 mm
  • width min (a)15 mm – width max 90 mm
  • height min (b)12 mm – height max 70 mm

As mentioned above, this machine can be sold either in its current state as it is or overhauled and adapted to your formats. Please do not hesitate to contact our packaging manager Mrs Héloïse Verona on the following number: 00386 30 342 560 or 0039 02 80 888 015 to obtain more details about this machine, a quote or to arrange a visit to see it. You can also contact us by clicking on the button below.

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