Used Bosspack RTC 200 couting machine for sale

Good morning, today we would like to present you another interesting deal from our catalogue of used packaging and processing machines. We already presented you a Swiftpack B12P3 ANC counting machine last week, and this week we would like to present you another counting machine from the Romaco Bosspack brand, model RTC 200. If you don’t know it yet, read our article to find out all its technical characteristics. The machine is located in France and we will be happy to send you an offer or arrange a visit.

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The advantages of the Bosspack RT 200

Bosspack is part of the Romaco Group and offers electronic counting machines that are appreciated by customers in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetics industries for their many advantages:

  • Separation of tablets or capsules by means of a sorting disc, which offers absolute control of each individual tablet or capsule.
  • Vibration-free counting and filling ensures greater speed, especially with larger capsules or containers with a narrow neck.
  • Easy-to-use control panel with simple recipe storage.
  • Quick machine cleaning.

Technical characteristics of the counting machine

  • Speed: up to 200 bottles/minute
  • Bottle dimensions

o Maximum diameter: 100 mm

o Maximum height: 220 mm

o Maximum length: 100 mm

o Maximum width: 100 mm

  • Dimensions of tablets / capsules

o Maximum diameter: 22mm

o Minimum diameter: 3mm

o Maximum width: 22mm

o Minimum width: 3mm

o Maximum length

o Minimum length: 3mm

  • 12 counting discs

Machine equipment

This Bosspack RT 200 counting machine is sold with the following formats:

  • PEHD 39×39 square bottles
  • Square PEHD bottles 55×55
  • Counting formats for capsules size 1 / 2 / 3
  • Counting format round tablets diameter 19 mm

This counting machine is also sold with a Bosspack MS70 bottle unscrambler, year 2005, speed: 70 bottles/minute with the following formats:

  • PEHD 39×39 square bottles
  • PEHD square bottles 55×55

If you are interested in this used Bosspack counting machine or would like to obtain more details and arrange a visit, please contact us by clicking on the button below or contact our agent responsible for the packaging sector Mrs Héloïse Verona by phone on 00386 30 342 560 or 0039 02 80 888 015.

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