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In the era of industrial revolution 4.0, innovation and technology are the driving force for the world economy.

Innovation and development of new technologies thanks to the industry 4.0 revolution have allowed the development of some sectors such as machinery market, which recorded in 2016 a record turnover of over 42 billion and a + 3.5% compared to the previous year.


Digitization is no longer a novelty, it is a consolidated innovation which today allows an increasing personalization. What does it mean? It means that there are more and more digital components that have been developed exclusively for certain sectors and/or machinery and that allows a decrease in the manual work of the worker. In fact, the new digital technologies are almost all “contactless” technologies, which means that they do not need direct manual job.

In the course of this ongoing industrial revolution, new projects for innovation and technological development have also been developed, which will allow companies to grow and to improve in terms of software integrated with machines, but also in terms of speed and precision of the processes. In particular, we find the greatest impact of the 4.0 industry on the sectors that are more and more automated every day – automotive, electronics, metal and chemicals.


Also, the impact of robots in automation processes together with the interaction and collaboration between humans and machines are the main actors of the development of technology 4.0. The development of the Automation, at his initial stage, brought the fear of a decline in the number of workers employed in companies, but later it has been demonstrated by all the analyzes a growing collaboration between man a machines and not man-machine substitution

Automation is not synonymous of unemployment

According to Cerved report 2017 , many Italian companies that in 2017 have adapted and improved their machinery assets using the facilities that the Italian Industry 4.0 Plan made available, were the companies that most increased the number of their employers.

Innovation has been seen by some companies in a broader perspective, not only in terms of investments related to automation and technological development but also innovation in terms of physical capital or manpower.

Many companies have decided to invest in the qualification of employees, the recruitment of a younger manpower with new skills able to keep up and drive in the direction of new technologies, development, and improvements.

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