Haas VF 2 with very few working hours [sold]

Finally, after a very long and endless period of “lockdown”, the mechanical engineering industry as well as many others sectors have restarted. The companies reopened their gates, the machines roared again and many people returned to work with the not entirely healed wound inflicted by the terrible coronavirus Covid-19 in their eyes and hearts. The hope is that people and companies will return to work with a renewed spirit and the hardening of the best days. We at Makinate, thanking good luck, have never stopped and during these months we have worked even harder to find the best used machinery to offer you once you were back, this is the case of the beautiful machining center that we offer you today of the American manufacturer Haas model VF2.

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Haas: a winning bet

Before we tell you about our beautiful used machining center we are offering, we would like to tell you a very small anecdote about the machine tools manufacturer Haas, of which we offer a wide selection of used machinery in excellent condition in our catalog.

Gene Haas, the founder of the American company, established his company in 1983 with a gamble that was very risky at the time. Gene Haas was convinced that the success of his fledgling company had to be based on the bet, impossible for many, to build reliable CNC machines and sell them to end users for no more than $50,000. Today, although times have changed, the bet can be considered as won. The success of Haas cnc machines, indeed, can be summed up in two key words: reliable and inexpensiveness.

We wanted to give you this example so that Haas experience bodes well for all of us. These days, the industry and more generally the entire European and global manufacturing sector is facing a difficult crisis. Just as Haas has managed to overcome an almost impossible challenge by focusing everything on two values that were considered essential, we all need to identify, each in its own area of action, those fundamental values on which to rely in order to better face this new challenge coming to us. According to Haas, these values were and are, inexpensiveness and reliability, now we only need to established what our values are.

Used Haas VF 2 vertical Machining Center

  • Year of construction December 2014
  • Cutting hours 1056
  • Power on hours 8491
  • Really well maintained machine
  • X – Y – Z axis strokes : 762 x 406 x 508 mm
  • Spindle taper SK 40
  • Spindle power 22.4 kW
  • Spindle speed 8,100 rpm
  • Automatic tool changer with 20 positions
  • Rapid feeds up to 25.4 m/min
  • 1 MB of memory
  • 15-inch colour LCD screen
  • USB connection
  • synchronized tapping
  • 208 litre cooling system with continuous coolant supply.

Accessories included:

  • Intuitive wireless probe system, Renishaw
  • Automatic compressed air supply
  • VQC Programming
  • Programmable cooling nozzle
  • Chip conveyor

The machine can be tested connected under power and in fully working condition by appointment to be agreed with our staff. Feel free to contact us to ask for further information or to take an appointment to inspect the machine.

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