Biglia B445 YSM second-hand cnc lathe with double turret and subspindle [sold]

Good morning to all precision mechanics lovers, today we want to show you one of the latest arrivals at Makinate, a second-hand cnc turning machine equipped with two live tooling turrets (upper and lower), y-axis on the upper turret, main spindle and sub spindle. The lathe made by the Italian manufacturer Biglia model B445 YSM is equipped with LNS sprint 555 barfeeder, year of construction 2006, beautiful machine that has always worked with full oil and it is available for delivery from February 2021. In case of interest, we inform you that we also have available a version of the same lathe but without the Y axis, used Biglia B 445 SM cnc lathe.

Used CNC lathes with barfeeder

Main features of the used Biglia lathe

Dimensions and weights without bar feeder

  • Length: 4150 mm
  • Width: 2100 mm
  • Height: 2200 mm
  • Weight: 6800 Kg

Technical details of the cnc Lathe Biglia B445 YSM

  • CNC Fanuc 18i-TB
  • Main spindle nose ASA 5
  • Main spindle power 15 Kw
  • Main spindle bar working diameter 45 mm
  • Turning diameter 240 mm
  • Turning length 250 mm
  • Number of main spindle revolutions 5000
  • Number of turrets 2
  • Number of live tool positions on lower and upper turrets 12
  • X-axis travel upper turret 160 mm
  • Y-axis travel upper turret + – 50 mm
  • Z-axis travel upper turret 390 mm
  • X-axis travel lower turret 160 mm
  • Z-axis travel lower turret 240 mm
  • Linear axis rapid feeds X Y Z 30 m/min
  • Subspindle nose ASA 5
  • Number of revolutions of the subspindle 5000
  • Subspindle power 11 Kw
  • Bar working diameter of the subspindle 45 mm

Machine equipment

The machine is supplied to the customer complete with the following equipment:

  • LNS Sprint 555 bar loader
  • Chip conveyor
  • Number of live tool holders supplied 4
  • Number of fixed tool holders supplied 20
  • Machine with pre-arrangement for tool setter arm
  • Bushings for the loader diameters: 16-23-26-36-42

We would like to point out that the machine has always worked with full oil.

If you are interested in coming to see the lathe or in receiving a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the button below or to contact our sales agent Diego Sforza directly by telephone on (+39) 327 53 69 514.

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