Welcome on Makinews

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Welcome on Makinews

The blog about tips for trading used industrial machines.

Today we are opening a new chapter of our adventure. Makinews, the Makinate’s official blog goes online.

Let’s start with the presentations! For the ones who don’t know yet Makinate, we want to introduce shortly who we are is and what is our business.

Makinate – the marketplace for used industrial machines

Makinate is the industrial marketplace for buying and selling used industrial machines. Everyday we list on our catalogue the best used machines offers from all around Europe. Makinate is a window on the best quality used machines coming from selected and trustworthy sellers. Makinate operates in 4 different fields:

Makinews – The blog

As we said, we are opening Makinews, the Makinate’s official blog about tips for buying and selling used industrial machines.
In our blog you will find a lot of articles dedicated to the discovery of the industrial world, all the technical details and the functions of used machines listed in Makinate’s catalogue.

Our blog Makinews is more than just that. We will always be available from a technical point of view to help you understand and identify those available models on the market that are ideal for your production needs.

We will keep you updated on news of the Makinate’s catalogue, showing all the available machines. There will also be news about the industrial world, trade fairs and much more!

To find out more about Makinate visit our website. Click HERE

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