Newspace Economy Europe Exhibition: where and when it takes place and how to participate

The aerospace sector is among those that best “reacted” to the financial and production shock triggered by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. In May 2020, at the height of the first wave, the Americans of SpaceX launched the Crew Dragon, the first spacecraft built by a private individual to transport passengers into orbit. In mid-November, on the other hand, the first operational flight of the spacecraft is scheduled, with a crew headed for the International Space Station.

This and much more will be discussed during the Newspace Economy Europe, the annual fair dedicated to the space economy held in Rome. And it is no coincidence that the event will be held in the capital: the Roman area, and the Lazio area in general, has been a fertile ground for aerospace industries, with research centres of excellence and cutting-edge production plants present in all the provinces of the Lazio region.

The aerospace sector, is a sector that we follow very closely, as is one of the leading sectors for the supply of cnc machine tools.

What it is the Newspace Economy Europe 2020 Exhibition

Organised by the Amaldi Foundation and Fiera di Roma, Newspace Economy Europe is an event dedicated to the aerospace economy and its protagonists, both from the private and public sectors. The event will address a wide range of issues, although particular attention will be paid to those sectors (such as biosciences, logistics and transport, environmental sustainability, tourism and space exploration) that show a greater interest in the aerospace sector.

The programme of the 2020 edition of the Newspace Economy Europe is divided into 5 topics:

  • New space and our planet (with a focus on agriculture, climate change and food);
  • New space and info-mobility (with focus on 5G connectivity, smart cities and mobility);
  • New space and economy (with focus on the insurance, investment and banking and legal sectors);
  • New space and industy (with focus on industrial production, manufacturing and security);
  • New space and health (with focus on health, medicine and the pharmaceutical sector).

Each of the topics will be addressed in a different panel, with important guests from all over Europe. “The space sector – reading the event website – offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. Investments in this sector can guarantee innovation for universities, public and private research centres and small and medium enterprises”.

When the Newspace Economy Europe 2020 fair takes place

The 2020 edition of the Newspace Economy Europe trade fair will be held on 11 and 12 December 2020, with speeches and panels starting at 9:00 am. The opening is entrusted to a plenary session, scheduled for 9:20 am, which should also be attended by the European Union Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni. As said, instead of taking place in the pavilions of the Fiera di Roma (as it happened until the 2019 edition), this year the Newspace Economy Europe will take place in virtual format, with guests and participants who will have to connect to the web in order to follow the interventions foreseen by the programme.

How to take part to the trade fair

As specified by the organisers – the Amaldi Foundation and Fiera di Roma – the participation to the 2020 edition of Newspace Economy Europe is completely free of charge. There is no need, moreover, to be invited or to have a “ticket”: it will be enough to check the programme, verify the interventions that interest you and register as a participant. Not only: companies of this sector – or those interested in receiving information about the aerospace industry – will also be able to register as an “exhibitor”. In this way they will not only be able to access video conferences, but also visit the “virtual pavilions”, take part in video calls with exhibitors and much more. For further information, please refer to the exhibition website.

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