Good deal: Used Daewoo Puma 350M with live tooling

Hello and welcome back to our usual appointment “Machines of the month” of used machinery available on our online catalog

Today we have the pleasure to talk about a recently acquired machine, a live tooling lathe in excellent condition brand Daewoo model Puma 350M, year of construction 2001. The lathe is still visible under power and fully functional by appointment.

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A few words about the manufacturer

We talked about the manufacturer Doosan/Daewoo  already in a previous article ( Doosan, which recently acquired Daewoo, is Korea’s oldest machine tools manufacturer, active in the market for over 120 years. Today, the company is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high precision and reliable turning and milling machines with the best quality/price ratio on the market. The Korean company’s machines are universally recognised for their high degree of reliability.

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Used Daewoo Puma 350M lathe with live tooling

  • Spindle nose ASA A2-11
  • Standard 3-jaw hydraulic self-centring unit diameter mm 381
  • Series of soft jaws and series of reversible hardened jaws   
  • Continuously variable spindle rotation speed min-1 20-2000
  • Spindle motor power (cont./30 min.) kW 30/37
  • Maximum available power from min-1 128 rpm 
  • Max. torque of spindle motor (cont./30 min.) Nm 2243/2766
  • Diameter of front bearing mm 180
  • Spindle hole diameter mm 132 
  • Bar diameter mm 116,5
  • C-axis spindle angle positioning in continuous, interpolating, Axle resolution with hydraulic locking – 0,001°
  • X axis stroke mm 362
  • Z axis stroke mm 1105
  • Automatic bidirectional turret, without lifting, controlled by electric motor, with hydraulic locking; prismatic type coupling: 
  • VDI-50
  • Turret stations nr 12
  • Live tooling turret stations nr 6
  • Indexing time (1 station) s 0.9 
  • Diameter of coupling disc mm 320
  • Turning / boring tools size mm 25×25/Ø50
  • Speed of rotation of continuously variable motorised tools min-1 30-3000 Power of motorised tool motor (cont./10 min.-S3/25%) kW 3.7/5.5
  • Max. torque motorized tools motorized (cont./10 min.-S3/25%) Nm 28/47 Capacity pliers type ER-25 for motorized tools with BMT-55 mm Ø4-26 coupling Rigid tapping on motorized tools  
  • Cycle tailstock tube, Morse 5 taper connection  
  • Diameter / stroke of quill mm Ø120/120
  • Thrust (pressure 40 bar) kg 1484
  • Maximum diameter rotating on the bench mm 700
  • Maximum diameter rotating on the carriage mm 480
  • Maximum diameter that can be turned on the bench mm 460
  • Max. turning length between drill bits mm 993
  • Maximum permissible overhanging weight (self-centring weight: 120 kg) 700 kg Maximum permissible weight when using the tailstock (self-centring weight: 120 kg) 1700 kg 
  • Tool setter with automatic descent / ascent (with button and M code) Automatic high pressure refrigeration system bar 6
  • Refrigerant collection tank, capacity 180 litres 
  • Hydraulic power pack with chiller for the supply of services  
  • Automatic lubrication system  
  • On-board electric cabinet with heat exchanger   
  • Alarm and end of cycle lamp with 3 colours  
  • Halogen working area lighting lamp  
  • Transformer     
  • Accessories
  • Autoblock chuck with adjustable stroke when working with castings 
  • Automatic door 
  • Robot interface 
  • Chip conveyor 
  • Nr. 4 Motorized  
  • Instruction manual and start up certificate 
  • CE Declaration of Conformity
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